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Oct 6

China Glaze Awakening

Awakening is a polish that doesn’t get too much love from nail polish blogs, probably because it’s not a new colour, but rather part of China Glaze’s core collection. It was originally released in 2005 as part of the Urban Chic collection. However, it’s not too hard to find - I got mine a month or two ago when Sally Beauty Supply was having a sale on China Glaze polishes. 

This is a gorgeous rose/gold shimmery duochrome. It looks rose in the shade, but when the light hits it, the gold really comes out, as you can hopefully see in the pictures. I’m a sucker for these kinds of colours and I have several similar (but not duplicate) polishes in my collection. It’s similar to Orly’s Fantasea, but Fantasea is more of a purple-rose-gold colour, while Awakening does not have the purple undertones.

Application wise, this polish was perfect. I used two coats and drying time was average. For me this colour would work well for a variety of things - it could be worn without problem in any season, and is also appropriate for work (unless it’s a very strict office), a date, wedding, etc. It’s a very versatile and flattering colour. 

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