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Pretty & Polished Clouds in My Coffee

My apologies for the not so great pictures, it’s been pretty rainy and overcast here the past couple of days, and despite wearing this polish for more than two days I never really had the sunlight to take better pictures. Talk about First World problems, eh? I hope everyone on the East Coast is taking care today with the storm. It’s supposed to hit Southern Ontario tonight and I’m hoping it’s not too bad as I have not a lickin’ in my fridge. I was in Halifax in 2004 (or 2003?) when Hurricane Juan hit and had no power for 5 days so I know that kind of thing is not fun.

But hey, onto the polish, after all that’s why I’m here! I have nothing but good to say about this polish. There’s something so dreamy and whimsical about Clouds in My Coffee - perhaps it is the name or maybe the blue glitters that seem to float in the brown polish. The polish is light to medium brown with a fine golden/copper shimmer. There’s also small light and medium blue glitter, and larger light blue hex glitter. It’s not a very complex polish, but it just works. The brown is a flattering colour, and the blue provides just a nice splash of colour. I tend to get tired of a polish after a day, but I wore this for two and a half days and did not get sick of it at all.

The polish also applies well. Like any glitter indie, turning the bottle upside down and letting it sit on its cap for 10-20 minutes will make it easier to get more glitter on the nail. It was a bit sheer so I used three coats. Although I don’t often comment on how well polishes last (because I tend to change my polish every day or two), I was impressed with this one. After two days I didn’t have any tip wear, which I normally do.

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