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Pretty & Polished Libra Scales

Hi everyone! Today’s post is an attempt to introduce some colour into this blog. Looking through some of my recent posts, I realized that I’ve been wearing a lot of blacks, greys, and muted colours. 

Well you can’t get any more vibrant than Pretty & Polished Libra Scales. From the zodiac collection, this is a vivid ultramarine blue jelly with a variety of blue glitter. The jelly base has this squishiness to it that makes it so interesting to apply. I wish I could describe it better, but I was just enthralled as I put this on, both for the colour and for the beautiful transparency. As for the glitter there is your standard tiny glitter, small hex glitter, and small square glitter. There is also these beautiful pale blue foil flakes that do a wonderful job of reflecting light. The glitter is pale enough that it becomes a deeper shade of blue when suspended in the jelly base. 

The application was a bit tricky, 2 coats will work, but I used 3 coats, which I think results in a much more vibrant shade of blue. The polish seemed a bit thick to me, and while I didn’t have any problems getting lots of glitter, the glitter did have a tendency to clump a bit and stick out, so the finish was a bit rough. You can see on my middle finger where some glitter is sticking out. I finished it off with a coat of Gelous and Seche Vite.

Despite the roughness, I really loved this polish, it’s like glitter floating in a deep sea. I also wore this for a few days and had no chips or tip wear - win win!! It was a bit difficult to remove, so use the foil method.

Libra Scales is a limited shade, but as of this posting there’s a few minis left in the Pretty & Polished Etsy Store.  

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