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Dear Nail Art Editors

If someone has posted someone else’s photo without giving proper credit, please do not reward their asinine behaviour by bestowing the “Nail Art” tag on their photos. I’m specifically referring to this photo (link). But there’s been other incidents.

For everyone else, FYI regarding posting photos that don’t belong to you: giving proper credit means linking back to the person’s blog or social media account. If you don’t know the source, do a Google search. If you’re on Instagram, tag the person or include a link to the person’s blog/Tumblr/Facebook, etc. 

Here’s why giving proper credit is important: when someone posts one of my photos without giving proper credit, I almost never see a benefit in terms of increased traffic to my blog/Tumblr/Instagram/Facebook. I’m the one who spent hours coming up with a design, painting my nails, photographing, editing photos, and blogging about it. Yet, someone else is using my hard work basically to increase the traffic to their blog/social media account. Is that fair? I don’t think so. 

Some people say that it’s enough that the photo is watermarked, but they’re wrong. And here’s why: people skim information so fast that almost no one will take the time to look up the nail artist who originally posted the photo. However, if there’s a link, then a lot of people will click on the link to view the source. 

I value the people who share my photos properly and it’s helped a lot in getting my work out there. But there’s way too many cases where photos have been posted without giving proper credit, and that’s not fair to the nail artists who have put in so much hard work. If you value the work they do, give proper credit.

There, I’m done ranting. It’s coffee time for me. :)

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